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Infrastructure Solutions

Solution, Service, and Support are the focuses of our efforts to serve customers with effective Infrastructure Solutions. We are confident in our abilities to provide accurate and the most efficient solutions for your environment. We are able to best serve and propose solutions to customers through our certified engineers. Our engineers will also rely on their past experiences with environments similar to yours.

To implement the best IT solution into your environment, we are experienced in project management. Carrying out and assisting in the establishment of your solution is our top priority and have many products to offer to suit any client’s needs. With many successful projects we have been able to pride ourselves on the highest level of customer satisfaction.



Let us serve your infrastructure solution needs with our knowledge, skills, flexibility, and “customer first” approach to take away or alleviate your unnecessary stress. Our solutions provide the latest options offered in the market, which can replace many labor-intensive operations within an environment. Organizations with well-designed and maintained equipment don’t agonize about possibilities – their energies can focus on innovation.

Data Center Solutions


Novanis offers dependable, inexpensive server solutions, designed around your environment. Our wide range of industry leading servers can support any workload, and allow you to do more with less. Novanis also specializes in VMware virtualization, making your infrastructure simpler and allowing your computers to run multiple operating systems or applications. Novanis also offers Microsoft Server and Application configuration.


Novanis provides data storage solutions for a wide variety of client needs, including entry level, mid-tier, enterprise and NAS.  Industry-leading disk backup performance, scale and resilience–all at a lower cost.


Protect more, store less and save: Novanis offers industry leading backup solutions for online, data, and computer backups. Available for any computing environment, Novanis solutions offer reduced costs and greater security.


Network Consulting

There are a great many networking vendors out there. Let Novanis sort through the “Cloud” for you. Our elite certified engineers are vendor-neutral and familiar with many of the new technologies.  We pride ourselves on knowing the core networking standards that allow an infrastructure to function at optimal allowance.

Networking Design

Bandwidth calculations, power consumption, channel selection, signal-to-noise ratios, and the proper time to fail-over are just a few of the challenging variables that Novanis can help you account for in deploying a high-performance network from the ground up. After in-depth analysis of your critical applications and day-to-day functions, we will design an enhanced communications platform on which your employees and clients can securely and efficiently communicate.

Network Implementation

From beginning to end, Novanis will professionally install, configure, and document every aspect of your new or existing infrastructure. By utilizing network standards and secure best practices, we can heighten the performance of any network application–while keeping users and guests from unauthorized access to precious resources. Novanis can execute the rigorous testing and troubleshooting needed to verify that every packet is in its place on the wire or in the air.

Network Management

Software-defined networking is in its infancy. Until the development of SDN applications is widespread, management of the ever-growing network is still monotonous and sometimes overwhelming. With tools like HP Intelligent Management Center (IMC), Novanis can automate notification tasks to help manage and report on any potential issues in your network. We will keep you up-to-date on all the critical events in your infrastructure. We can design and implement a customized standalone solution for you to manage within your organization, or we can host your managed IT services to allow for faster ticket creation and resolution.


Employee Satisfaction

When it comes to Wi-Fi, enterprise users are tired of unstable connections, dropped packets, and erratic performances. They need a smarter wireless system that provides superior coverage, capacity, and certainty. Wireless access makes business more efficient, more effective, and more profitable – if it works the way it should.

It’s Your Network. You Control It. Not the Other Way Around…

Leveraging various context-aware levels, Novanis’ certified-partner relationships give you numerous ways to help you install and/ or optimize your wireless network.  With Novanis wireless services, the guesswork and timely installs of a typical Wi-Fi are resolved. Utilizing state-of-the-art software, we can three-dimensionally predict and meter variables like signal coverage, interference, and data rates.  We design for coverage and capacity with best-in-class wireless equipment to provide you with a successful WiFi—capable of tracking users, managing or limiting device access, displaying historical reporting, and keeping you informed.

Novanis Wireless Services:
  • Wireless Survey – Our certified engineers can do an in-person, in-depth survey of your systems, and/or utilize predictive software.
  • Wireless Design – We plan a system based on your specific needs, with the knowledge that your guests and staff are always on the move.
  • Implementation – With a personalized plan, our certified engineers can put a wireless system into operation efficiently and affordably.
  • Remediation – An unavoidable consequence, tech problems do crop up. Our support services rapidly and efficiently fix any system glitches without the hassle of long technical-support calls.
Our Industry-Leading Partners:

Novanis partners with industry-leading technology companies to provide you with superior hardware, software, and support. Our partners include:

  • Aruba
  • Cisco
  • Meraki
  • Meru
  • Ruckus
Novanis’ Wireless-Certified Professionals

Wireless experts on the Novanis staff include HP Master Accredited Systems Engineers specializing in Wireless Networking; Proxim Wireless Sales Professionals; as well as Meru Networks Wireless Sales Specialsts and Engineering Professionals.


Novanis Security Assessments
  • Feel Comfortable Knowing Your Security Needs Are Being Met

Business executives are facing increased responsibility as mounting stakeholder scrutiny and regulatory demands press for increased data security as a way to minimize threats and potential costs. As such, a Risk Management Program suddenly tops the priority list for many decision-makers, in order to ensure complete data security.

  • Novanis Has the Experience And Knowledge to Create a Personalized Security Plan Based Solely on Your Needs

At Novanis, we recognize that the key to success is achieving and maintaining the right security level for your organization’s unique needs, the relevant network resources, and the methods used to protect your data’s integrity.  We offer a full range of internal and external assessments for evaluating your systems, applications, and processes.  These security audits investigate for a number of vulnerabilities, including:

  • Missing security patches and vulnerable systems settings.
  • Compliant and non-compliant configuration settings.
  • P2P, spyware, or malware (worms, Trojans, etc.).
Our McAfee Security Partnership

Novanis has partnered with McAfee Security*, the world’s largest industry-leading security company, for over 16 years, and is currently designated as a McAfee Security Alliance Premier Partner for Endpoint Security, Network Security, Security Management and so on.  Our Intel Security Statewide Master Contract (CMS7966790) is priced off GHE as follows:

  • Endpoint Protection
35% off
  • Server Security
35% off
  • Web Security
35% off
  • Data Protection & Encryption
35% off
  • Database Security
35% off
  • Network Security
35% off
  • Security Management
35% off
  • Services
3.5% off
  • Support
25% off

* Our McAfee Security Statewide Master Contract is CMS7966790


McAfee provides proactive PC and Internet security that helps your organization avoid online attacks, and protects what you and your staff value from hackers, identity thieves and other online dangers.  McAfee’s solutions halt malicious activity before it can target your identity, put your company at risk, and threaten your online safety.  None of McAfee’s system-security competitors provide the proactive prevention before protection that it does.

  • Reduce operational overhead while retaining desktop security—without adversely impacting your existing infrastructure or performance.
  • Increase flexbility for virtual server security—regardless of where the server is provisioned, and even if the server is offline.
  • Products include:
  • McAfee Total Protection for Server is the industry’s first server-security solution that protects your critical servers from complex threats and preserves uptime and availability.
  • McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) sets policies, generate reports, and seamlessly manages enterprise-wide security, while decreasing overall costs.
  • McAfee MOVE (Management for Optimized Virtual Environments) AntiVirus optimizes McAfee virus protection for virtual desktops and servers without jeopardizing performance or security.

Click Here to download Intel Security white papers and reports.
Click Here to view McAfee publicity video “Together is Power”.

Disaster Recovery

IT Consulting

Novanis’ consulting services employ credentialed sales and technical professionals to analyze a client’s IT systems and advise that client on the best possible products, services, and solutions to solve specific problems or meet clearly-defined needs.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Novanis develops roadmaps for a client’s IT strategic plan, so that risks are mitigated and business goals are continued and maintained. Our technical team can start fresh or improve an already existing plan.

Some companies never recover from the adverse financial impact that can result from interruption of service or loss of data.  Disaster recovery / business continuity planning lowers the risks to which such emergencies can expose an organization.  A company’s critical business processes are analyzed and precautions are established to minimize disasters and maintain or quickly resume top-priority functions. Besides disaster recovery and business resumption, business continuity plans may specify the means of recovering central operations at alternate locations. Such plans also deal with external events that have the potential to seriously affect the organization.

Novanis’ technical team is well-certified to tackle all disaster recovery and business-continuity projects. Among the professionals on our staff are McAfee Risk Management Technical Professionals as well as HP, VMware, and Symantec professionals trained in the various areas of this discipline.


Server Consolidation and Virtualization

Novanis has provided its server consolidation and virtualization practice for over a decade to accounts ranging from government to enterprise to SMB. Server virtualization conserves physical space, reduces server sprawl, and helps contain overall hardware management, heating, and cooling costs.

With server virtualization, server resources—including the number and identity of individual physical servers, processors, and operating systems—are masked from server users. The server administrator uses a software application to divide one physical server into multiple isolated virtual environments. Server virtualization makes more efficient use of server resources; improves server availability; assists in disaster recovery, testing and development; and centralizes server administration.

Novanis’ technical team is well-certified to tackle all virtualization projects. Among the professionals on our staff are HP Certified Professionals specializing in blade server systems; VMware Certified Professionals including VCP 5 and VTSP 5: and VMware Sales Professionals specializing in Server Containment and Business Continuity.



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