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Success Stories

  • Automation is a driving force for many of today’s businesses, but it can be difficult to implement. Such was the case with Parke Warehouses; the company had only four weeks before their first warehouse’s go-live date. To complete the project, Novanis collaborated with the firm that manages Parke’s IT functions. We installed controller and access points, and trained users on configuring and using the brand-new system.

    Novanis successfully met the first deadline, and on Parke Warehouses’ request, assisted them in installing and configuring the new systems in their other six warehouses. The project is completed and we still provide support. Parke will be adding Ruckus wireless in two more locations in the next year.

    Parke WarehousesRF System and Automation – September 2013
  • Novanis has partnered with Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts on numerous projects in the past several years. In July of 2013, we designed and implemented a wireless infrastructure for them at their Chicago location that provided superior guest wireless coverage. The update to the wireless infrastructure also included upgrades to the core infrastructure as well as new hardware, configurations, and standardization to best practices. The new design allowed Four Seasons to implement additional guest amenities, such as HD-TV solutions requiring network access. During the project, Novanis was the lead contractor and coordinated other vendors, ensuring a successful, promptly delivered project.
    Global Hotel Chain Wireless Design and Implementation – July 2013
  • During a summer thunderstorm in July 2013, Marshall School District was the victim of Mother Nature’s caprice. A lightning strike hit the school and blew out nearly all their equipment. Thankfully, the outage occurred during the summer months, so there was less demand on the system and Novanis was able to step in and help. We assisted Marshall in troubleshooting, then installed and configured new network switches and servers, wireless control and access points, and a new firewall system. Marshall was able to start the school year off without issues and has been delighted with their new system.
    Marshall Community Unit School District 2Wireless Design and Implementation – July 2013
  • While in the process of building their brand-new, state-of-the-art facility in Springfield, Illinois, the Metro Sanitary District was in need of consulting services along with assistance in the design and deployment of a highly available, secure network and disaster-recovery plan.

    Novanis provided complete design for, as well as installation and implementation of, the District’s current infrastructure and disaster-recovery needs. We also provided a storage-area network, servers, virtualization, and backup as well as a wireless network and a solid disaster-recovery plan between SMSD’s headquarters and a satellite location in Springfield.

    Springfield Metro Sanitary DistrictConsulting & Network Design – 2013
  • The management of St. Joseph’s Home of Springfield was facing a critical dilemma. Their outdated infrastructure system was overly intricate, and complications were exacerbated by support from several different vendors. A wireless network was required as soon as possible to assist with the upcoming implementation of several software projects, including systems for assisted-living management and visitor use. There was also a need for wireless coverage for the entire facility, Management had several different goals with limited time to implement. Novanis was able to help.

    We upgraded St. Joseph’s hardware infrastructure with state-of-the-art servers, as well as networking and backup equipment. We also brought all network support and management under the Novanis umbrella, eliminating the headache of dealing with the multiple vendors, thus ensuring quick response and troubleshooting. Together St. Joseph’s and Novanis installed and implemented a robust wireless network solution to provide access for future software projects, as well as access for all visitors.

    St. Joseph’s Home of SpringfieldWireless Network and Infrastructure – 2013
  • Pekin Public School District 108 had a legacy wireless solution deployed in select areas within the district. Due to the ever-increasing use of iPads and laptops in modern teaching, wireless coverage needed to be added over the whole district within its near future. School officials knew they did not want to simply expand the solution they presently had; the technology was not only outdated, but also cumbersome and very difficult to manage. Novanis and school officials worked together and decided on the course of action for the district: Novanis designed a wireless solution for all of its schools that fit both current and future needs. The design also fit into the schools’ budgetary constraints, as it allowed each school to deploy the new system a little each year, thereby reducing costs.

    Novanis not only implemented Phase I—providing Pekin Public School District 108 with greater coverage and easier management–but also completed deployment of Phase II about a year later.

    Pekin Public School District 108Wireless Design and Implementation – August 2012
  • Eureka Savings Bank needed to update their Novell server environment into a Windows-based environment. Novanis collaborated with the bank to design the new environment, and worked tirelessly to develop the steps preparing for the changeover. During the migration itself, Windows servers, Active Directory, security protocols, backup, firewalls, and several other systems were all impacted by the project – but Novanis was able to ensure no loss of business during the transition.
    Eureka Savings BankWindows Server Migration – April 2012
  • Historically, United Airlines was the customer of another hardware vendor. However, this aviation giant recently was looking to cut costs and still provide top-tier network access and availability to their employees at the Willis Tower in Chicago.

    Novanis and one of our industry-leading partners were able to provide design services and all networking equipment for the installation and implementation at Willis Tower. The network covered approximately five floors and thousands of nodes. Through this installation, Novanis and our partner company have helped save United Airlines approximately 40% in relation to their previous vendor, while offering a lifetime warranty on the equipment and rapid turnaround with troubleshooting.

    Global Airline CarrierHardware Installation – 2012
  • In 2009, the Alameda County Employee Retirement Association embarked on a multi-million dollar, organization-wide business re-engineering, with the primary objective of moving from paper-based records and processes to electronic images and workflow technology. Their goal was to protect and govern important information assets and streamline business processes, as well as improve both internal efficiencies and the quality of service for the agency’s 20,000 active, deferred, and retired members. At the time, ACERA lacked a disaster-recovery solution, and the organization desperately needed to reduce its paper consumption and labor-intensive, paper-backed business processes. The full solution needed to be implemented and completed within 24 months.

    Because of our proven track record, Novanis was awarded with the project contract. Working with ACERA, we successfully converted over four million pages of paper documents into electronic images, and implemented a comprehensive set of tools for tracking member-service requests. We also deployed a correspondence management process for coordinating the creation, review, transmittal and archiving of letters that go out to members, agencies, and healthcare providers.

    Alameda County Employee Retirement AssociationEnterprise-Wide EDMS & Workflow Deployment – 2009
  • Novanis has provided the Springfield Housing Authority with networking solutions and services for the past several years, evolving from an external vendor helping on special projects into the virtual role of their IT Department.

    Several years ago Novanis installed switches, desktops, laptops, and servers at all of SHA’s locations. Novanis further assisted throughout all stages of projects from hardware selection and implementation, to support and maintenance.

    Currently, Novanis supports the SHA’s day-to-day technology needs such as adding new users and addressing printer problems. SHA also depends on Novanis to assist with strategic projects including upgrades of their Exchange Server as well as their security policy.

    Springfield Housing AuthorityManaged IT Services – November 2008
  • In 2006 the Los Angeles City Administrative Office/ Risk Management (LACAO) insurance submittal process was in desperate need of overhauling. An independent study estimated that by automating the formerly manual-approval process, LACAO could save as much as $1 million annually, and reduce the length of an approval process that could take anywhere from one week to one year to complete.

    LACAO moved forward with the project, awarding a contract to Novanis for design, development, and deployment of an online insurance-compliance system that the city branded as Track4LA®. This system allows brokers to submit their clients’ insurance online for 24/7 approval. The system has gone through two major upgrades, with yet a third planned for 2013-2014.

    Track4LA® provides instant insurance approvals, verifies broker identity via the California Department of Insurance, and notifies brokers and vendors of expiring policies. It has also saved the city an estimated $1.3 million per year, issued over 50,000 certificates to date, and has a customer-satisfaction rating of 4.3 out of 5.

    Los Angeles City Administrative OfficeOnline Business Automation Solution – 2006 to Present
  • Bridge Real Estate is a property management firm for which Novanis has provided Managed IT Services for several years. The focus of Bridge’s IT has always been on cost savings, which Novanis has readily provided, allowing them to concentrate on their key business tasks.

    Recently, however, Novanis and Bridge started working together in a different way to reduce costs—by lowering Bridge’s energy bill and allowing the firm to become more energy-efficient. Our unique team has been able to deliver very real cost savings for the firm. By reconfiguring Bridge’s Variable Air Volume settings, including area setup, scheduling, function programming, and automation, our engineers trimmed Bridge’s energy costs by almost 50%.

    Bridge Real EstateManaged IT Services – 2001 to present
  • Over the past 15 years, Novanis has continued the development of the MTA’s Countywide Programming Obligation Database (CPD). This program assists the MTA capital planners in managing funds for all transportation-related projects in Los Angeles County against the project management requirements for fund distribution. As part of Phase III, Novanis developed an internally facing project-management portal that allows project managers across the entire county to update their project information.
    LA County Metro Transport Authority (MTA).Net Application Development – 2000 to Present


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