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Novanis’ Partners

  • HP

While the benefits of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure are well- understood, properly designing a system is still a complex undertaking for many. Fortunately, HP is taking the guesswork out of deploying and managing Desktop Virtualization. Utilizing HP’s virtualization practice, Novanis can help you provide an experience surpassing that of a traditional desktop for all your users, growing from a single optimized and converged infrastructure that will scale modularly as your needs change. HP’s Virtual Desktop Infrastructure works not only with HP servers, storage and blades, but is also tailored for Citrix Xen Desktop and VMware View.

  • VMware

Novanis is proud to partner with the recognized leader in virtualization—VMware. This vendor is uniquely positioned to build a new breed of solutions designed specifically for dynamic virtualized and cloud environments. These new solutions replace inefficient, manual processes with policy-driven automation, and also deliver IT management as an intrinsic part of the system.

VMware first simplified infrastructure complexity through virtualization, and is now simplifying IT management complexity with next-generation management solutions. VMware virtualization and cloud management solutions fundamentally change how organizations manage IT and deliver services. They enable a zero-touch infrastructure, with the built-in automation and policy-based control required to deploy a self-service model and deliver IT as a service.

VMware Horizon™ 6 is the leading desktop virtualization solution, built to modernize the desktop by transforming application and OS management, while enabling unprecedented flexibility for end-users. VMware View unlocks the desktop components including the operating system, applications, user data and settings, thus allowing independent management for improved business agility.

  • Microsoft

Novanis also offers Microsoft Desktop Virtualization solutions that can help companies reduce their total cost of ownership, increase business agility and continuity, enable access anywhere, and improve security and compliance. For companies new to desktop virtualization, deploying Microsoft Application Virtualization as a first step can provide immediate cost savings.

Beginning with Windows Server 2008 and continuing through Server 2012, virtualization using Hyper-V technology has become an integral part of the operating system. Hyper-V provides infrastructure so you can virtualize applications and workloads to support a variety of business goals aimed at improving efficiency and reducing costs.

For connected workers, Microsoft and its partners, including Citrix, deliver a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution allowing organizations to centrally manage datacenter desktops while providing end-users a personalized desktop experience. Microsoft’s VDI empowers you to deploy remote desktop services architectures, giving users the flexibility to work anywhere and seamlessly access corporate Windows desktops or application environments from a range of devices.

  • McAfee

Launching virtualization solutions is doubly challenging, given the security and compliance issues that can hinder performance and expected results. McAfee’s solutions for virtualized environments let you retain the technology’s benefits while ensuring optimized virtual server security and compliance. These solutions deliver new protection and efficiency options, whether you are consolidating data centers or managing virtual desktop infrastructure.

  • Get complete control for virtualized servers— regardless of where the server is provisioned.
  • Increase flexibility for virtual server security—using live migration and security coverage, even if the server is offline.
  • Reduce operational overhead while retaining desktop security—without adversely impacting your existing infrastructure or performance.
  • Manage enterprise-wide security—using McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) to set policies, generate reports, and seamlessly manage security, while decreasing overall costs.
  • Products include:

McAfee MOVE (Management for Optimized Virtual Environments) AntiVirus optimizes McAfee virus protection for virtual desktops and servers without compromising performance or security.

McAfee Total Protection for Server is the industry’s first server security solution that protects your critical servers from complex threats and preserves uptime and availability.

McAfee VirusScan Enterprise for Offline Virtual Images automatically secures offline virtual machines, ensuring that upon going online, they are virus-free and up-to-date with the latest anti-malware protection.

  • Dell SonicWALL

Dell SonicWALL® Global Management System (GMS®) can be flexibly deployed as a Virtual Appliance in a VMware® environment—further leveraging shared computing resources to optimize server utilization, ease migration and reduce capital costs. GMS® allows you to centrally manage select Dell SonicWALL solutions from a single dashboard in real-time.

Virtual Appliances ease migration and reduce deployment costs by allowing administrators to move a snapshot of a virtual environment to a new physical server infrastructure. Virtual Appliances consolidate resources by running multiple operating systems and applications on a single computer, thereby cutting associated capital expenditures, administrative overhead and power consumption. The pre-configured virtual machine has no professional service fees and no hidden costs.

The performance-optimized architecture of Virtual Appliances activates only necessary processes, and the hardened SonicLinux OS prevents users from tampering with its underlying integrity.

Leading the industry in providing affordable virtualized security to organizations of all sizes, Virtual Appliance solutions can operate as an efficient and affordable cloud-based service—or as a virtual environment on the private LAN.


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